What is Career Wellness?

The National Wellness Institute defines wellness as an active process of becoming aware of, and making choices toward, a more successful existence.

Just as optimal health can be reached even if you suffer from a chronic illness, so can optimal career wellness be reached by learning ways to make your career as healthy as it can be at any given time.

What’s the key? They key is mindfully ENGAGING in the dynamic process of your career development.  It means being an active participant instead of sitting on the sidelines while work happens to you.

How to begin? Identifying the CORE of your Career Wellness and then exercising those areas to make them strong so they can support and inform your career decisions.  Click here for more about the CORE Career WorkoutTM Program.

Career Wellness is an ongoing process of becoming aware of, and making choices toward, a more successful and fulfilling work life.

Career Wellness is About

  • Adapting to a life-long process full of career zigzags, curves and circles
  • Embracing the magnificent power of the unknown
  • Recognizing the transformative powers of people you meet along the way
  • Cultivating the gut instinct/tiny voice that tells you when you are on the right track…or the wrong one.
  • ACTION!  You can think about it all you want, but results come from action.  Small steps can have big impact.

Using the CORE Career WorkoutTM Program We Will

  • Identify the unique components that make your career well – this is your CORE of Career Wellness
  • Create a real vision and figure out what steps make the most sense for you now
  • Figure out what patterns are keeping you from moving forward
  • Learn how to identify and make the most of unforeseen events
  • Discover that how you approach your job (love it or hate it) can open (or lock) doors for your future
  • Discover mindful practices that empower you to be an expert in designing your ideal career
  • Cultivate your intuition
  • Align your career health with total well-being

Your one-on-one coaching sessions are totally customized to address your unique situation.  Click here to learn about ways to customize your investment.


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