Coaching for Career and Life Transitions

I work with clients who are ready to do the deeply personal inner work, create a builder mindset, grow during times of transition, and increase their capacity to live genuinely at work and in life.

Career Transitions

Is there a disconnect between what you do and who you are? Are you facing a major career pivot? If you are in a job that no longer serves you, are reentering the workforce, rebuilding your career or are restless and seeking clarity, let’s create an action plan that leads you toward career wellness. 

Personal Growth & Life Transitions

Look change square in the eye! What is the growth that this life transition is begging of you? Empty nest? Relocation? Retirement? If you are navigating one of life’s many endings, beginnings, or are in the disconcerting middle, we create a roadmap to help you successfully navigate the transition. 

Executive Transitions

I work with the person under the title. Show up in your jeans or yoga pants and safely explore without pressure. It’s not woo-woo and it’s not corporate-speak either. My executive work is grounded in a brain-based coaching framework to build your capacity for defining and managing your next steps.


About Me

When I started this practice in 2013 I focused on mechanics and deliverables; meaning that I specialized in helping career changers and job seekers with specific products: a new resume, LinkedIn profile, professional branding, mock interviews & feedback, and a very strategic and tactical job search plan. The work focused on actions in response to change. My background in HR and hiring management supported this approach.

What I didn’t expect was the quest for personal transformation many of my clients were on.

Many were reeling from major life changes – divorce, empty nest, relocation. Some clients were restless and knew something bigger was on the horizon but couldn’t put their finger on what that thing was. Some were anxious or hopeless about what was next for them.

Restlessness = when our wanting, our being, and our doing aren’t aligned.

What my clients validated over the years is that we desperately want to be ourselves. In work. In life. In general. The kind of genuine, out-loud authenticity that often requires jumping off a cliff into the deep waters of self-awareness and then wringing ourselves out (multiple times) to find.

So, my work evolved, as I did, and expanded into the depths of transformational coaching for life transitions of all kinds. My work today is a co-creative process with clients to bring the wanting, being and doing into alignment while navigating the disorienting space between endings and new beginnings (the “Neutral Zone” as William Bridges calls it) of life’s many transitions.

Living your genuine is a process of becoming who you will be on the other side of whatever transition you are in.

I would be honored to be your partner.


Free Consultation


This 30-minute call is a great way to explore how the coaching process works with no strings attached. During the call, we’ll talk about why you are considering coaching and you will learn how I can support you in creating a life and career that is genuinely YOU. If nothing else, you’ll walk away with ideas and strategies that you didn’t have prior to the call.

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