Women in Transition

Find Your Footing

Career transition is tough.  Sometimes we know that we’re not planted in the right place and it’s time to dig in and find our “work worth doing.”  Other times, factors like divorce or downsizing toss us into transition mode and we just can’t find our footing.

While some transitions are more unsettling than others, each one is a chance to grow into more of who you really are.

Career transition may mean:

  • You’re job hunting and need a strategy
  • You haven’t looked at your resume in 10 years and it needs work
  • You want to find a meaningful and fulfilling career
  • You’re re-entering the workforce after being a caregiver
  • You want to start a side business
  • You need to update your LinkedIn profile
  • You’ve done the same thing forever and don’t know how to change
  • You feel like you’re not being true to yourself at work and need to align who you are with what you do but are scared  (Check out this great video: Rethinking the Bucket List: Kathleen Taylor at TEDxTampaBay.)

My favorite part of what I do is watching fear and paralysis transform into discovery and power.  Read my blog post about the Top 5 Lessons I’ve learned from coaching women in transition.   Here’s a sneak peek:

  1. Work heals – Work pays the bills.  It also can be a place of refuge, rebuilding and recovery. Work sucks sometimes.  And sometimes, it saves.
  2. “Way leads on to way” – Favorite line from Frost’s The Road Not Taken.”
  3. Fear & Lack of Confidence Cause Paralysis – These are the biggest saboteurs as women push to evolve.
  4. Strength. Resilience. Persistence. Spirit. – Wow.  Remarkable.  Awe-inspiring.  Humbling.
  5. The Power of Women Helping Women – Magical

Transitions are unsettling because we aren’t who we were and we are not yet who we are going to be.


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