Mid-Career Professionals

If you’re here, chances are you are feeling stuck, disenchanted, frustrated, bored or unfulfilled with your current job situation or career path

Does your  internal dialogue sound something like this?

  • Nothing I do inspires me.
  • There has to be more than this; but this is all I know.
  • My current job doesn’t align with who I am or want to be.
  • I have too many years invested with this company and I’ll lose everything I worked so hard for if I change now.
  • My department was outsourced – I need to figure out what I want to do next.
  • I’ve taken the assessments, but I don’t know what that all means for me at this point in my career.
  • I’ve never taken career or personality assessments but wonder if they would help me understand why I’m not happy in my current role.
  • People will think I’m crazy if I do what I really want to do.

I provide a safe space where you can brainstorm, map possibilities and explore options; out loud and without judgment.  We can clarify what the real issues are and, from there, establish a true vision and find ways for you to take mindful action to help you make better-informed decisions.


Free Consultation


This 30 minute call is a great way to explore how the coaching process works with no strings attached. During the call, we’ll talk about why you are considering career coaching and you will learn how I am able to support you in creating the change and results that you want. If nothing else, you’ll walk away with ideas and strategies from a career development professional that you didn’t have prior to the call.

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