Coaching for Major Life Transitions

We are wired to hang one, white-knuckled, to the familiar.


Transitions are unsettling because we aren’t who we were and we are not yet who we are going to be. ~W. Bridges

And here you are, facing some sort of major life transition or decision. Together we will navigate “the neutral zone” as William Bridges calls it, the space between an ending and a new beginning.

Maybe your transition is going back to the working world after staying home with small children. Maybe it’s relocation, empty nest, divorce, or retirement. We will look at all phases of transition – the ending, the unsettled middle, and the new beginning – by using a framework to support the person you will become on the other side of whatever transition you are in.


You are more than your limited perception of you and your potential for growth is greater than you think. ~B. Berger

Ever feel like you’re about ready to hatch? There’s a restlessness, or the bubbling of an idea, or the pull of a new direction, or a fresh awareness that is begging to be poked and prodded and developed to a point that you know what to do with it?

One of my favorite quotes is from Danielle LaPorte: Life transition coach allentown

You can’t rush it, but you can take a Sherpa as a guide when you notice something just under the surface is ready to be mined for the nugget of gold it may hold.

Selecting a partner in your hatching allows for the out-loud exploration of the conversations you have in your own head. That’s what coaching is.

Guided by a practiced and skilled facilitator, you get to make sense of the restlessness and name it out loud, often defining it for the first time. Then we look it square in the eye and start the process of becoming and building an actionable plan to make practical changes to create the life you want. And finally, you will step out and experiment with the new you.


NOTE: I do not feel qualified to work within the sacred transition space around death or addiction. I can certainly refer to professionals who are skilled and practiced in those specialized areas.


Free Consultation


This 30 minute call is a great way to explore how the coaching process works with no strings attached. During the call, we’ll talk about why you are considering coaching and you will learn how I can support you in navigating transition. If nothing else, you’ll walk away with ideas and strategies that you didn’t have prior to the call.

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