Executive Transitions

Coaching the human beneath the title.

As an executive coach, I help leaders and entrepreneurs transition out of powerful roles – perhaps into retirement, or as you create a succession plan for your family-owned business, or as you consider a more personally-meaningful path of giving back. While planning is an important step, nothing can really prepare you for what you may feel when the phone stops ringing. Whether you are in a planning phase now or are lost because you’ve already handed over the keys, you have focused on your role, your business, your employees – and now it’s time to focus on you.

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • There has to be more than this; but this is all I know.
  • I’m not sure who I am if I’m not working – without this title – without this responsibility.
  • I sold my family business – I need to figure out what I want to do next.
  • People will think I’m crazy if I do what I really want to do.

I provide a safe space where you can brainstorm, map possibilities, and explore options out loud and without judgment. We can clarify what the real challenges are and, from there, establish a true vision and find ways for you to take mindful action for your next chapter.


Free Consultation


This 30 minute call is a great way to explore how the coaching process works with no strings attached. During the call, we’ll talk about why you are considering career coaching and you will learn how I am able to support you in creating the change and results that you want. If nothing else, you’ll walk away with ideas and strategies from a career development professional that you didn’t have prior to the call.

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