DISC Assessment for Career Transition

By Barbara Berger 4 years ago
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TTISI_Seal_v2_7459After my first exposure to the DISC behavioral assessment 20 years ago, and having the good fortune of working in environments that supported the tool and validated its worth for many years, I am now a certified administrator of the assessment.

I’ve partnered with TTI Success Insights® and completed the required hours of training, education, and practical application of the DISC model using TTI’s validated, research-based instruments.

My company, Career Wellness Partners, provides boutique career transition services to the Lehigh Valley and beyond. As a certified career coach, I can’t express how valuable the understanding of your natural behavioral style is during a career transition. A DISC assessment helps you increase self-awareness, understand success or struggle in past positions, and make career decisions that are aligned with your natural style.

Contact me at barbara@CareerWellnessPartners.com for more information about how DISC can help with your career decisions.

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