I provide an elite and customized coaching experience.

Are we right for each other?


  • Are brave enough to transform, face transition, and are ready to believe the whisper of your own potential and greatness.
  • Take the “homework” between sessions seriously. If you plan to “phone it in” why invest?
  • Are looking for more than mechanics or a fast-track to success; knowing that attending to the “inner work” first allows the strategies and tactics to deliver what you dream about.
  • Want a partner to facilitate (out loud – with compassion and curiosity) the conversations you are having in your own head to gain clarity and purpose for next steps.
  • Know why you want to be coached and believe in your own ability to influence events and outcomes in your life.
  • Are self-aware enough to know that you aren’t looking for someone to hand you answers, but a new kind of conversation to rev up your evolution.


  • Knows that you are creative, resourceful, and whole and that you have the answers. We have powerful and honest conversations to help you find them.
  • Respects that your path is yours alone by customizing the way we work.
  • Works in the here and now. I will meet you where you are, and we will look forward. Respecting your past, and what got you here – definitely. Looking at what no longer serves you – yes. Staying stuck back there – no way. I am present-focused, and we begin now.
  • Believes that being a great coach is to be personally coached by the best. I continue to research, learn, and BE a client of master transformational coaches so that I am constantly IN the process – not just delivering a service. There is a huge difference.

Free Consultation


This 30 minute call is a great way to explore how the coaching process works with no strings attached. During the call, we’ll talk about why you are considering coaching and you will learn how I can support you in creating the results that you want. If nothing else, you’ll walk away with ideas and strategies that you didn’t have prior to the call.

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