CORE Career Workout

Career Wellness through the CORE Career Workout

The CORE Career Workout TM is a practical and provocative program that takes clients through a series of exercises to identify aspects of their career which require development in order to build a strong personal CORE of Career Wellness.

When your CORE is strong you function better. Just as different movements of the human body rely on different core muscles, different career moves/decisions rely on different aspects of the personal CORE of Career Wellness.

Career Wellness through the CORE Career WorkoutTM

There are four main groups that make up your CORE Career “Muscles.” Each major group is made up smaller areas that change in importance during different stages and ages throughout your career.  Focusing on key combinations of these smaller areas will help you attain optimal career health and is what we will use to then take meaningful action steps to move you toward wellness.

This program will strengthen your Career Core by:

Working the C Muscles

Focus on areas vital for a strong CORE at any stage

Organizing the O Group

These exercises help you prepare to take meaningful action for change

Flexing the R’s

Identify areas of acceptance and positive mindful change

Engaging the E’s

Extra insight plus action in this group

Once you have completed the CORE workout, it becomes a vital tool from which career decisions can be made throughout the years.  Use it as a personal guide at the time of your annual yearly performance review or when you’re restless, stressed and considering a change.


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