A few testimonials from our valued clients
I believe we all begin a journey with some sort of sometimes-painful inner dialogue.

With an exceptional coach, this soliloquy, as it pertains to my situation, developed into a productive form. This could only have happened with the remarkable insight and environment that Barbara provided. Her professional and consistent presentation, expertise, and the environment of trust and mutual respect, benefited my role as a client. My experience was ever much more than completing a resume and cover letter. Her services are much more than just writing. Sure, sometimes, this is an only requirement, but her capacity expands further. To all the people who read this, and who may be “struggling,” please know if you are willing to work under Barbara’s direction, own your struggle, and put forth action, you will benefit greatly. I believe she is the first step and I confidently recommend her coaching services ~S.A. (2017)

Barbara’s knowledge of what it takes to make you professionally attractive

is why my investment in career coaching with Career Wellness Partners was worth it. ~T.R. (2017)

I got a very good offer late last week!

Again, thank you very much for the help. You made a difference and it helped. ~ G.D. (2017)

Barbara Berger is the real deal.

No gimmicks. Don’t underestimate the value of finding the right coach to guide you in finding your next professional association. It worked for me. She can help make it work for you—if you’re willing to do the hard work in making it work for you. Thanks to this collaboration. I was able to find a new, nourishing, and perfect professional association with a highly-regarded company in the K12 educational space. I credit luck, momentum, and collaboration with Barbara Berger as my professional coach to bring me to this positive professional outcome. ~Jane B. (2016)

“I initially was not sure what I needed but I knew I wanted help choosing a new direction for my professional skills as well as a new industry.

Barbara was able to help me discover where my current skills matched with my new thoughts of a new direction. It was daunting to consider another change, but she was able to show me all the positives about my career and open my mind to different industries where I could apply my skills. While at the time I didn’t “enjoy” some of the homework or activities, I definitely found the self-discovery and aptitude test extremely eye opening. I may not have enjoyed them at the time, but as the process drew to a close I found myself reading back over them and better appreciating their value. This was my first experience with coaching and I found it a perfect match for my personality in ways I didn’t expect. I was not pressured, but there was just enough urgency/activity to keep me enthused while not feeling rushed.” ~Jim B. (2016)

“Barbara was extremely helpful and a real pleasure to work with.

There were several benefits to working with Barbara. Her questions inspired me to think differently about my work and skills. The DISC assessment was extremely helpful and it gave me insight to my behaviors and motivators. In addition, she’s uplifting and always there for you. The job search information provided at the end of the session is also very helpful. I learned a great deal about my skills and personality that I wasn’t in tune with — until I took a good look at the information presented to me.” ~Sheila D. (2016)

“Working with you made me feel more polished.

You showed me a broader spectrum and way to look/approach my job hunt. You are very encouraging and to the point. Your skills and knowledge are very professional. You convey to the client (me) what I needed to know and how employers view their applicants in today’s job market. Well done.” ~Angie S. (2016)

“I just wanted to share with you that I start my new job on Monday!

Thank you so much for helping to make me look wonderful on paper.” ~ S.S. (2016)

“Yesterday I was offered a job at [company A], my first choice!

I could not be happier with how this turned out. Thank you again for being so perceptive and supportive when I was scared to act, but needed to get the momentum going. It made a big, big difference for me.” ~N.R. (2016)

“I wanted to let you know that I’m doing what I dreamed of doing.

I’m working from home. I have 2 steady clients that add up to about 32.5 hours a week. It’s perfect. I’m so happy!! Thank you for helping me on my path.” ~L.L. (2015)

“Barbara Berger is enthusiastic and encouraging without ever being condescending or pushy.

It wasn’t only what she said to guide me, but it was *how* she made me feel confident. I appreciated her energy and ability to think of ideas on the spot which soon helped me to succeed in my job search. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, I left each session feeling as though a weight were lifted off of me. She has an inherent sense of understanding your concerns and without hesitation she would always come up with the best suggestions. Because of her support, understanding and guidance, I gained confidence to finally change careers, something I’ve desired to do for over 15 years but never had the courage to make happen until recently.” ~L.W. (2015)

“Barbara was supportive and encouraging without sugar-coating anything.

She really helped me to get unstuck, and helped me to start taking little steps which soon translated into a lot of momentum. “~ N.R. (2015)

“Barbara was a great coach.

She provide strong motivation. encouragement and constructive feedback during my job search. Barbara did an amazing job on my resume and LinkedIn profile. She is on top of the latest trends and resources in today’s job market.” ~Maureen C. (2015)

“Working with Barbara is a delight!

She is a true professional with a casual ease to her style that makes her very approachable and easy to work with. The finished products are excellent!” ~ Liz W. (2015)

“Barbara successfully helped me…

focus on the “next steps” that were most important and realistic for me at the time.” ~ Debbie E. (2014)

“Not only did Barbara help me update and professionally brand my resume,

but she supplied me with advice I needed to hold successful interviews. My interview success landed the job I wanted!” ~Nathan Y. (2014)

“I left Barbara feeling free and focused in a way I’ve never felt before.

A weight was lifted; the demands of school and friends’ expectations flew off of me. I felt like my whole life was a 500-piece puzzle that was scattered all over, but now it’s coming together. When I told her, in a later meeting , the steps I have taken and how I’m moving forward she said that ‘I found my wings.’ I have…with much heartfelt gratitude to her.” ~Tami D. (2014)

“I was slowly stagnating in the same job for 22 years.

It was time for a change, and it had been a long time since I had written a cover letter or a resume. Where would I even start? I researched online, I read dozens (hundreds?) of “how to” tutorials on how to write an effective resume…what words to use or not to use, how to competently and concisely sell myself. So, I completed my cover letter and resume and then took it to Barbara for professional review. I couldn’t wait to hear what she thought! When we spoke next, she, in the kindest, most gentle way, told me that it was ‘fine’ but something was missing. She showed me that in my attempt to write the Perfect Resume, I neglected the most important part of it…ME! There were lots of good words, but no personality, no personal brand, to be found. So, we got to work and designed the final product. I will sum up this testimonial by including the response I received from a dear friend when I shared my Resume/Cover Letter masterpiece. ‘Amazing. It was like reading sunshine. I could feel your energy in it. Good work. It’s you.’ Barbara, I cannot thank you enough!” ~M.J. (2014)

“Recently I was looking for employment in a very specialized field.

I sent out literally a hundred resumes to various employers without a single offer. Barbara & I met and she helped me revamp my resume. The new resume looked professional and her wording maximized and highlighted my areas of expertise. I sent out about 10 and was pleasantly surprised that within a week I was offered 4 positions in my field. I cannot thank Barbara enough for her help and I highly recommend her services!!” ~Donna B. (2014)

“Barbara’s intelligence and enthusiasm are contagious.

She is an asset to any organization because she brings energy, commitment and professionalism to everything she does. She is easy and fun to work with and I would recommend her.” ~Nikki G. (2013)

“Excellent! Barbara made the students…

feel that they are not alone by not knowing what to do with life” ~High School Teacher (2013)

“I liked the fact that she informed us…

that things change [on the path to career discovery] and that we shouldn’t get nervous about that.” ~12th-Grade Male (2013)

“My daughter left Barbara energized in a way I haven’t seen for a while.

She picked up her paintbrush that she hadn’t touched for months and began to paint – art is her passion.” ~Keri D. (2013)


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