How to Create Your New Career Story: Mindset + Connection = Change

By Barbara Berger 11 months ago
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“I didn’t realize just how much of a beating my self-confidence was taking from being in the wrong profession.”

This was an email from a recent client, who successfully executed a complete career change (functional skills and industry change).

“[Specific position/industry] was just not the right fit for me. It was a constant reach and struggle. I constantly felt ‘dumb’ and clueless. Now, 5 weeks into this new position, while I still have a big learning curve, it just feels intuitively right. I feel capable and able to significantly contribute to the performance of the company. I’m so happy that I had the courage to make this change!”

It took lots of courage when she realized that even the return to school for a Masters in her old field wasn’t enough to quiet the voice telling her that this road was all wrong. This was no small shift.

So how did she do it?

  • Trusted her instincts – refused to stay miserable just because staying in her current job “made sense” because of all she put into it
  • Investigated – analyzed past work “selves” and got clear on who she wanted to become in her next career
  • Repackaged herself – on LinkedIn and rebranded her resume

Then, this woman, whose self-confidence had admittedly taken a beating, stepped into the job search arena with a mastery of her mindset and a focus on connecting to create the future she envisioned.

  • Self-doubt didn’t leak into career conversations
  • Fear didn’t stop her from picking up the phone

Instead she asked:

  • What can I build by telling my story?
  • Who can I enlist to be on my team?

And she connected:

  • With everyone she could, in every way she could. LinkedIn, email, phone, and in person.
  • She recruited ambassadors – confident networkers who sung her praises at every networking event she attended with them.
  • She talked. And talked. And followed up.

The idea of networking isn’t new, nor is the importance of mindset, and this client’s story is a perfect example of how one so greatly influences the outcome of the other. Being proactive and visible was not her natural style; it was uncomfortable, and the response was not always positive. But in only a few months, she landed a completely new role in a new industry through a connection she made at an event.

Your energy, your mindset, is infectious. Connecting is key. With the right combination you can create your new story.

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